Drainage M11 Services Wicklow Case Study

Gatic Slotdrain offers discreet drainage to the new M11 Services at Coynes Cross junction, Co Wicklow.

The newly opened M11 services at Coynes Cross Junction cost €7 million to build and created 200 jobs during the construction phase. This section of the M11 route carries an average of 35,000 motorists per day.

The new motorway service station facilities include a convenience store, car and HGV fuelling pumps, ESB electric car charge points, Burger King Restaurant and drive-through, Subway sandwich bar, Applegreen’s own ‘Bakewell Kitchen’ café, Costa Coffee, in and outdoor children’s play areas, indoor and outdoor seating, toilets and washroom facilities, car, bus and HGV parking.

Quality in all aspects of construction of the new services were of paramount importance to Applegreen who are investing €30 million in 2014 and 2015 in developing 6 new motorway service areas. Gatic Slotdrain has long been a standard design element for Applegreen forecourts and the new Service Areas are no exception.

Gatic UniSlot channels eliminate health and safety concerns, by removing the risk of damaged or displaced gratings, whilst providing a neat, continuous drainage slot, designed to minimize the risk of wash-over.

Safety concerns were further addressed in the forecourt area with the provision of our surface mounted Tactile Paving system.