National Children’s Detention Facility, Oberstown, Lusk, Co Dublin

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BAM Building Ltd are undertaking work on a long awaited National Children’s Detention Facility at Oberstown, Lusk.  The function of the updated campus is provision of secure accommodation for children detained by the courts, which includes individual residential units, educational and recreational facilities, ancillary administration, staff, catering, laundry, visiting, admissions, medical, maintenance and waste handling facilities. 

Part of this project required the construction of a concrete perimeter wall which was to be imprinted using a formliner.  Plasmacem’s Flex Formliner in pattern Ondulato was supplied by Contech to deliver the required aesthetic to the concrete.  This formliner system is supplied complete with special glue to fix the liner to the shutter and release wax that will assist is providing up to 100 reuses of the liner.

Plasmacem offer a wide range of standard designs but can also create almost any bespoke pattern you require.  The new Esseflex liners can be delivered in large sizes to fit all formwork dimensions.

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