Until now, the smart looks of slot drainage systems have only been available by specification for complex development projects. But that all changes with ProSlot – the first and only instant slot drainage system around. We’ve done all the hard work in design, production and pre-assembly, so you don’t have to. It is fast and simple to install: all you do is slot the sections together to build up the drainage system the job demands.

ProSlot offers numerous advantages over traditional grated systems such as:

  • Avoid Blockages: ProSlot's tapered throat is designed to help prevent blockages. The outwards taper causes a rejection of objects and debris that fall onto it, thus preventing blockages.
  • Easy Maintenance: ProSlot has no removable parts. It’s innovative profile is self-cleansing. Flow is maintained whatever the water volume, minimising maintenance.
  • Precision Jointing: ProSlot is a laser cut steel product. It's manufactured to strict tolerances. Channel joints allow a much tighter and closer fit between channels.

Installation: ProSlot comes pre-assembled as a single unit. All you need to do is snap fit along the markings in the end plates to joint the channels.

ProSlot is available in D400 load class as standard and is suitable for concrete/brick surface finish and also asphalt.