UltraSlot is selected for use in external pavement areas that are subject to constant traffic, such as airports, ports, highways and similar areas exposed to heavy duty vehicles. Installed in a full concrete surround, the system is designed to ensure sufficient depth of concrete cover over the main body of the channel to withstand ultra heavy-duty loads.

The channel top edge has an outward fold for protection over the edge of the concrete encasement to prevent damage. Innovative channel features, concrete anchors, stabilising bars and channel feet combine to ensure that the channel has a physical connection to slab steel reinforcement and is securely tied into the concrete surround to create a strong, solid and durable structure.

The standard slot opening for UltraSlot is 30mm however in areas regularly accessed by pedestrians, the UltraSlot with Treadsafe Bar should be selected. The addition of the Treadsafe bar reduces the slot opening from 30mm to 2 x 9mm wide slots. This has no effect on intake capacity of the system but makes the channel safer for pedestrians stepping over it.

UltraSlot is available in 1m and 3m lengths in load classes E600 and F900.