Permaban Eclipse

Eclipse is a tough, hard-working armoured joint for heavy-duty applications.  A high-tensile steel triangular section reinforces the top edge of the joint, giving extra support where vehicle wheels impact - allowing the joint can withstand heavy and persistent traffic. The twin full-height divider plates, specially shaped at the dowel point, add to its strength and rigidity. Galvanised as standard, Eclipse is an attractive, versatile and economical alternative to a traditional-style armoured joint.

Concrete ties at both top and bottom give exceptional anchoring into the concrete and resistance to torsion. In addition, radiused edges (on the top inside corners) reduce damage to forklift wheels

A versatile choice, suitable for use on all floors as an alternative to traditional-style heavy duty armoured joints. Ideal for internal heavy duty applications, such as distribution centres, general warehousing, retail warehouses, manufacturing, food manufacturing, and industrial premises. And as it's galvanised steel this joint is suitable for outdoor applications.


Nominal Slab Depth (mm) Joint Height (mm) Dowel Size (mm) Dowel Centres (mm) Length (mm) Single Joint Weight (kg) Number Per Bundle Bundle Weight (kg)
150 130 164 x120 x 8 Trapeziod 600 2400 18.8 48 987.4
175 150 164 x120 x 8 Trapeziod 600 2400 20.5 40 905
200 175 164 x120 x 8 Trapeziod 600 2400 22.4 32 802
225 200 164 x120 x 8 Trapeziod 600 2400 24.9 32 882