Shear Load Dowels

Whether in concrete slabs in multi-storey construction or in support walls in underground garages: The distribution of lateral/transverse force can be the most difficult problem. When addressing this problem in the usual way, supporting corbels, slide bearings or hidden joints are often used. These are time consuming options, however not so with the Schöck Dowel. These stainless steel dowels are ready to install  and enable transfer of lateral/transverse forces in expansion joints thereby negating the need for complicated and costly solutions. 

As the Schöck element is made of high grade stainless steel, it cannot corrode. The low friction and high abrasion resistance of the material ensure that movement in the joint is permanently possible. Maintenance of the joint is not required. The dowel has been tested and certified by the German Institute for Construction Technology (DIBt) to insure the maximum level of safety. The optional fire protection collar allows for a F90 fire rating of the connection. The Schöck dowel type SLD offers unlimited possibilities to the designer and reduces the potential for errors in the design and during construction.