Schock ComBAR

For decades, steel rebar has been commonly used as the reinforcement in concrete construction. Despite its strength, steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement especially in corrosive and electromagnetically sensitive environments. In these cases, our innovative product, Schöck ComBAR® presents advanced possibilities and unique solutions.

Schöck ComBAR® (composite rebar) belongs to the class of so called fibre composite materials. In fibre composites fibres are combined with other materials to achieve improved properties and synergy effects. The properties of the resulting material can be customized by choosing specific fibres, by adjusting the fibre orientation and by varying the additive and binder contents.  One of the best known composites is glass fibre reinforced polymer (GFRP).

Schöck ComBAR® delivers a high tensile strength making it suitable for use in civil engineering projects.  As it is electromagnetically non-conducting, ComBAR® is ideally suited for applications in electrical and research facilities where the functionality of these facilities can be impaired by steel rebar in the walls, ceilings and foundations in their immediate vicinity.  It is also resistant to all chemicals and bases making it ideal for use in construction where the threat of reinforcement is a serious consideration.