25T Car Park Outlet

"Caroflow Car Park outlets have been designed to cope with two different installation requirements with the 'Standard' version allowing for 1 tonne loadings, whilst we offer an alternative 'Heavy Duty' solution, which can withstand 25 tonne loadings.

1 tonne Car Park Outlet The 1 tonne version makes use of a standard Vertical Threaded body and ABS plastic Threaded Adaptor with Flat Grate and Clamping Ring. It then has an additional Clamping Ring and also a Caroflow Raising Ring, which allows for the application and sealing to a two coat asphalt waterproofing layer with paving grade topping.

'Heavy Duty' 25 tonne Car Park Outlet The 'heavy duty' 25 tonne version still utilises the standard outlet body and Threaded Adaptor, but has the addition of an SG Ductile Iron Flat Grate and Clamping Ring which rests on a grade 200 Cast Iron Support Ring and allows the complete unit to withstand loadings up to 25 tonne. For specification/ordering purposes, please state asphalt thickness so that cast iron support ring can be manufactured to correct height.