HydroSilicate Boards

Köster Hydrosilicate Boards are hydrophobic, fibre free, breathable, mineral based boards for the renovation of mould infested mineral based interior building materials. Köster Hydrosilicate boards have a high resistance to aging, are insulative and non-flammable. Köster Hydrosilicate boards are free of synthetic additives, regulate moisture, reduce condensate formation, and promote a healthy indoor climate. The high alkalinity and the dry surface of Köster Hydrosilicate Boards impede a renewed growth of mould. Even after high moisture penetration the boards dry evenly without changing their shape or quality. Köster Silicate boards are made from natural raw materials and therefore do not emit any harmful substances or gases.

16 pcs. (3.52 m² ) per package (580 x 380 x 25 mm)

8 pcs. (1.76 m² ) per package (580 x 380 x 50 mm)