Concrete Connections 80mm

Thermal bridges are a frequent cause of increased heat and energy loss, damp walls and mould formation. The problem arises particularly on cantilever components such as balconies. Schöck Isokorb® offer an effective countermeasure against heat and energy loss and prevention against damp, mould growth and structural damage. Not only by thermally separating components from one another, but also acting as structural design components.

Schöck Isokorb® K is used for almost any type of concrete to concrete connection providing the following advantages:

  • provides a thermal break between external reinforced concrete components and the building
  • reduces thermal losses to a minimum by virtue of innovative technology (HTE module compression bearings)
  • plastic jackets on the concrete pressure bearings provide trouble-free movement thus helps to save heating bills, reduce CO2 emissions and conserve natural energy resources
  • eliminates the risk of condensation
  • flush-mounted pressure bearings (HTE modules) facilitate installation on the construction site and in prefabricating plants