Novomur Standard

The connection point between the basement slab and outer walls is a danger area where thermal bridges can easily form. This not only puts at risk the possibility of meeting the ever-increasing targets set for thermal energy conservation, but also the risk of damage to property caused by mould formation. Schöck Novomur® attacks this problem right where it is vital, from the ground up.

This innovative product was developed with multi-family houses in mind; while Schöck Novomur® light is ideal for single-family houses or terraced houses. The thermal insulation element is built into the first course of brick/blockwork.

The Novomur® element is available in all regular wall thicknesses: 100mm, 115mm, 150mm, 175mm, 200mm and 240mm and comes in 750mm standard lengths. The toothed structure of the elements ensure good bonding too - all of which means they can be laid with normal or thin-bed mortar. And the elements are non-absorbent, so any surface water accumulating on the slab in the primary building stage is not stored in the brick or blockwork.